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Tea tree oil is applied to the face, the skin is smooth and fair, and the effect is great

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Tea tree oil is applied to the face, the skin is smooth and fair, and the effect is great

Hello everyone, welcome to life butler, I am everyone's good friend Niuniu. Couplings are in hand, and wonderful life is all there. This issue brings you a coup for skin care and beauty. Exquisite women are using it ~ I believe that any little fairy will value her skin condition very much, so she usually buys various skin care products to maintain her skin , But it is easy for us to enter some misunderstandings of skin care. Not only does it have no effect, but it also makes your skin worse and worse. Today, Niuniu exerts her energy and brings you a powerful nourishing mask. Want to know what kind of strength this nourishing mask will bring us, just watch it with Niu Niu ~

It is not difficult to make this nourishing mask. Let ’s talk about the materials we will use in advance here. Next, we will use a tomato, tea tree oil and aloe gel. There are only three simple materials, referring to the steps Niuniu taught you, even the handicapped party can easily make this nourishing mask.u=3833141509,2881635832&fm=26&gp=0.jpgIn the first step, we take out one of the prepared tomatoes, remove it and clean it, and then cut the tomatoes into pieces with a knife. Immediately put the lumpy tomatoes into the garlic masher and crush the tomatoes into a tomato paste. Tomatoes are very soft, so this step is not as troublesome as it seems, and it is super casual. In the next step, we will use a tool filter. We point the filter to a clean glass bowl, place the crushed tomato paste on the filter, and use a spoon to press the tomato paste to press out the tomato juice.

We scoop a spoonful of aloe vera gel into the bowl, and then add 3 drops of tea tree oil essence. Tea tree oil has the ability to sterilize and anti-inflammatory and astringe pores, we need to mix all the materials. When using, we use the fingertips to dip the prepared mask and apply it on the facial skin, and then massage it to be more effective. After use, be sure to remember to wash with water ~

When using this nourishing mask, you need to pay attention to it, don't spend a long time to massage the place where the face often has oil. Wash your face carefully before using it, and wash it carefully after use to avoid clogging the pores and increase the toxins in the pores. Another important point is that we must not forget to use this mask when using other masks. Although the frequency will not be too much, you can only see the results if you continue to use it.

This small method does not contain any additives. After a period of use, you will find that your face will become very smooth and transparent. Similarly, this method is suitable for a wide range of people. Even women with sensitive muscles have a very low chance of developing allergies. If your skin is very oily, then we only need to add one or two drops of tea tree oil essence. After washing, you can feel your face is very soft and transparent!

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