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The effect of clove oil

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Treat stomach cold, pain, bloating, hiccups, vomiting, diarrhea, pain, hernia, bad breath, toothache.

See "Lilac".

Main ingredients: eugenol, caryophyllene, eugenol acetate, methyl amyl ketone, etc.

Application recommendations: clove oil is widely used in the preparation of daily, edible, alcoholic, and tobacco flavors; it is also used in the isolation of eugenol and the synthesis of other spices.

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Daily usage: Take it orally, drip it into the soup or drink it with alcohol. For external use, rub the affected area.

1. Treatment of Bitong: lilac oil rubs the painful area. 2. Treatment of bad breath: clove oil to wipe teeth. 3, cure stomach cold hiccups even vomiting: clove oil, wipe through Zhongwan. 4. To cure insect tooth decay (non-inflammatory toothache): a little clove oil, dipped in a small cotton ball, embedded in the cavity.

It is the volatile oil obtained from the distillation of the dried flower buds (lilac) of the myrtle plant lilac (in ancient times, it was mostly the oil squeezed from the mother lilac).

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