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What makes sea buckthorn oil unmatched?

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Sea backthorn fruit oil (sea backthorn fruit oil) is a brown-red clear and transparent oily liquid prepared from high-quality selected sea buckthorn fruits as raw materials through juice extraction, high-speed centrifugal separation, plate and frame pressure filtration, etc. Unique aromatic smell. What makes sea buckthorn oil unmatched? because:

Documentation: Clinical verification of sea buckthorn oil (from a brief history of Beijing Tongrentang, introduction of special plants 11 sea buckthorn oil)Seabuckthorn Fruit OilFirst, the treatment of cardiovascular disease, the effective rate is 95%.

Second, the treatment of fatty liver, the effective rate is 90.5%

3. Treatment of ulcers, the effective rate is 94%

Fourth, anti-radiation, effective 100%

Fifth, anti-inflammatory, sterilization

Sixth, treat trauma.

Seven, conditioning the body and metabolism, improving various functions

8. Skin care

Free radicals are the culprit of human aging and disease, and SOD (superoxide dismutase) is the nemesis of free radicals. SOD in sea buckthorn oil has an amazing content. It is 4 times more active than ginseng, and its activity is very high. It can comprehensively enhance human immunity and delay aging.

Sea buckthorn oil is an astronaut food necessary for astronauts and a necessary diving food for divers.

Sea buckthorn oil is known internationally as "soft gold".

Main ingredients of sea buckthorn oil (containing 100g):

Total carotenoids≥150mg (βcarotene≥5mg)

Unsaturated fatty acid ≥65%;

Flavonoid ≥1100mg

Vitamin E≥100mg;

Fatty acid ≥95mg.

Has now identified a variety of active ingredients contained in sea buckthorn oil. It can resist radiation, reduce blood fat, prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, enhance the body's immune function, resist inflammation and muscle growth, protect the liver and other functions. It can be called the king of fruit oil in vegetable fruit oil.


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