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8 ways to eat flaxseed oil
2020-05-22 17:23:36

Linseed oil manufacturers tell you 8 ways to eat linseed oil

1. Mixed vegetables: cold vegetables, noodles or fruit (vegetable) salads;

2. Baking pastries: replace other edible oils with flaxseed oil during baking to make the pastries refreshing and not greasy.

3. Babies who just added supplementary food and older parents like to drink delicious porridge. Adding flaxseed oil to the cooked porridge or soup is not only nutritious, but also delicious. Of course, flaxseed oil can also be added to soy milk, milk and juice;

4. Cooking. Generally, when we cook the food, we only boil the oil before serving. To use flaxseed oil, we need to use the hot pot cold oil method. Linseed oil loses linolenic acid in the event of heat. We have done experiments, pour Shuklin flaxseed oil into a wok and heat it for ten minutes, and then sample to test that there is 29% linolenic acid. Of course, we cannot fry the dish for ten minutes.

5. Direct oral administration. For people with obesity and three highs, oral linseed oil is a good way. Shuklan linseed oil has no pesticide residues and does not contain aflatoxin and phenylpyrene. It is safe to drink. Sooner or later, each 10-15ML, drink some warm water first, then drink linseed oil, and then drink a cup of warm water, it's that simple.

Linseed oil manufacturers

6. Adjust stuffing or dip. When making dumplings, steamed buns or buns, flaxseed oil can be used for filling. In addition, hot pot, skewers, dumplings, etc. can also be prepared with flaxseed oil. Everywhere in the Shuklan Healthy Food Experience Club, linseed oil-filled dumplings are a must for every event and are especially popular.

7. Yogurt mixed with flaxseed oil. This is a food therapy invented by the German medical scientist Badwei who has been nominated for the Nobel Prize seven times. Don't look so simple. In fact, Badwei therapy has cured many cancers and severe patients that are considered incurable. But be careful, yogurt is best made, because there are no messy additives;

8. Linming oil: normal cooking at home, after the dishes are ready, before serving, drizzle with a spoonful of linseed oil is OK.

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