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What is the role of peppermint oil?
2020-05-21 09:58:16

What is the role of peppermint oil?

Let's follow the peppermint oil manufacturers

1. Deworming

Peppermint oil is used to get rid of insect pots and has a good effect. It has a scent that will confuse the taste of insects. Mixing peppermint oil with water, and then spraying on the plant where the pest has occurred, can play a deworming effect.


2. Eliminate fungi

We all know that fungi can cause some damage to plants. If fungus appears on the plant, it can be solved by spraying a solution of mint and water.

3. Drive out animals

Pets at home, or if they infringe flowers or flowers at home, you can use cotton balls dipped in mint oil and place them where they often appear to prevent them from damaging the flowers.peppermint oil wholesale4. Drive out mollusks

For slugs or snails, I believe that many flower friends hate it. After all, they will eat the leaves of the plants. At this time, we can spray the mixture of mint and water on the place where they appear, which can drive them effect.

5. Relieve fatigue

In addition to repelling mosquitoes, peppermint oil can also relieve people's fatigue, cure wind, heat and cold, etc. It has many uses.

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