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Application of Angelica oil
2020-05-22 16:21:20

Angelica oil, also known as Angelica essential oil, is a plant extract that people extract from Angelica dahurica. It has a faint aroma of Chinese medicine, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic and antispasmodic. People use it to smear the skin and also nourish inflammation and sterilize and nourish delicate skin. The effect of Angelica dahuricae oil: 1. Wind and itching are the most important effects of Angelica dahuricae oil. This plant essential oil can dry and wet and also eliminate wind and dampness in the body. It has rheumatic itching to humans. And eczema and dermatitis and other common diseases have obvious healing and relieving effects. You can apply it directly to the itchy areas when needed. 2. Swelling and purging of Radix Angelicae dahuricae is a kind of taste, spicy and warm Chinese medicinal materials, swelling and purging is its main effect.Angelica oil manufacturerapplication

Angelica oil manufacturers have disclosed an Angelica oil traditional Chinese medicine combination and preparation method. The combination and proportion of Chinese medicine used in the present invention are: Angelica 20-40 grams, Lithospermum 10-15 grams, ash leaves 5-10 grams, honeysuckle 10-15 grams, borneol 15-30 grams and sesame oil 60-120 grams. The preparation method is as follows: firstly cut Angelica, comfrey, white wax, honeysuckle and borneol into pieces and put them into a ceramic container for use; then pour the sesame oil into an aluminum pot and boil it, pour it into the prepared medicinal material pieces, and pour Stir well and use after the oil cools. Apply to the wound surface 1-2 times a day, and disinfect the wound surface before applying. This side combines the effects of Angelica Angelica to promote skin metabolism, comfrey to cool blood and promote blood circulation, borneol to clear away heat and disperse poison, white wax leaves to stop bleeding and moisturize skin, and sesame oil to moisturize and freckle, to achieve the effect of treating and repairing burns. Compared with the prior art, the beneficial effect of the present invention is that it contains no antibiotics and no chemical additives, is convenient to take and use, is simple to make, and can be applied externally.

Angelica oil manufacturers disclose a prescription medicine for treating pain. The prescription medicine consists of bee venom, rare earth, tomaline, beeswax, natural copper, granite, wormwood oil, ginger oil, wintergreen oil, Chuanxiong oil, clove oil, angelica oil , Duhuo oil, myrrh oil, Qianghuo oil, eucalyptus oil, turpentine oil, angelica oil, sagegrass, bloodwort, panax notoginseng, safflower, mulberry, osmanthus, osmanthus, sagebrush, sage , Whole scorpion, earth dragon, frankincense, soil element, rose flowers, Scutellaria barbata, and sea breeze vine. The components by weight are: 6-14 parts of bee venom; 30-50 parts of rare earth; 80 copies. The present invention can treat neck, shoulder and upper extremity pain, lower extremity pain, chest pain, abdominal pain, low back pain, tendon pain, arthralgia, periosteal pain and breast pain by using the formula medicine. The human body has no side effects, the required raw materials are easily available, and the preparation method is simple, so the cost is reduced and the market competitiveness is expanded.

The invention relates to the field of gynecological traditional Chinese medicine products, in particular to gynecological inflammation treatment liquid and a preparation method thereof. Gynecological inflammation treatment liquid, including the following ingredients: Angelica oil, sesame oil, cork powder, calcined gypsum powder, tea leaf oil and egg butter. The preparation method is as follows: mixing Angelica oil, sesame oil, tea leaf oil and egg butter, heating to 55-75 ° C; adding and stirring cork powder and calcined gypsum powder, and maintaining at 55-75 ° C for 60-90min; natural Cool to room temperature and dispense. The gynecological inflammation treatment liquid provided by the invention has the functions of clearing away heat, detoxifying and dampness, dispelling wind, relieving itch and pain, nourishing yin and nourishing blood. It can be cured in two weeks; the preparation method is simple and easy, and the active substances between the components cooperate with each other to enhance the effect, the fusion between the components is better, and the obtained gynecological inflammation treatment liquid has a significant effect.