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Effects and effects of perilla seed oil Side effects of perilla seed oil
2020-05-22 17:29:24

Perilla seed oil manufacturers only say that many people know that they are a common Chinese medicinal material, but the seeds of perilla are also perilla seeds, do you know? Perilla seeds contain a lot of natural oils, and people can obtain perilla seed oil after squeezing and purifying it. This perilla seed oil can be eaten directly or used externally. It has many effects, but you should pay attention to it when using it. Side effects.

Effects and effects of perilla seed oil Side effects of perilla seed oilPerilla seed oil manufacturersThe efficacy and role of perilla seed oil

1. Prevention of thrombosis

In daily life, people eat more perilla seed oil, which can prevent thrombosis, because perilla seed oil contains not only a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids, but also contains some anticoagulant components, which can increase the activity of platelets in the body and can prevent platelets It clumps in human blood vessels, which can fundamentally prevent thrombosis, and the linoleic acid and linolenic acid it contains can dilute the blood and promote blood circulation. Their presence is also an important reason for perilla seed oil to prevent thrombosis. .

2. Improve memory

Perilla seed oil is rich in dha, a substance that can directly act on human cerebral cortex and improve brain function, and it also has a significant promotion effect on human retinal development. In addition to these effects, trace elements contained in perilla seed oil It can also improve brain nerve function. Nutritional neurons can improve memory, prevent brain function decline, and protect human eyes.

Effects and effects of perilla seed oil Side effects of perilla seed oil

3. Delay aging

Perilla seed oil contains a variety of natural antioxidants, which can reduce the activity of superoxide dismutase in the human body, and can inhibit the generation of free radicals in the body. Both of these substances are important for the body's aging, and their number is reduced. In the future, the rate of aging will slow down significantly, so people eating perilla seed oil can delay aging and prolong life.

4. Improve the body's anti-allergy ability

Perilla seed oil can not only delay aging and enhance the body's ability to resist disease, it can also improve the body's anti-allergic ability. Rosemary acid contained in the oil is a natural phenolic acid compound, which can be enhanced after being absorbed by the body The anti-viral ability of the human body can also improve the anti-allergic ability and stress of the human body, and can effectively reduce the occurrence of various allergic symptoms.

Side effects of perilla seed oil

Perilla seed oil is a kind of healthy edible oil rich in nutrition and excellent in health care. It has no obvious side effects on the human body. However, people should pay attention to the dosage when consuming perilla seed oil. Excessive use will increase the burden on the body. It is easy to induce physical discomfort.