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Ginger essential oil for aromatic journey
2020-05-22 15:54:00

Ginger oil manufacturers, eat radish in winter and ginger in summer, without a doctor's prescription!

This is a popular saying that is widely circulated.

In traditional Chinese medicine, ginger tastes spicy, warm in nature, enters the lung meridian and spleen meridian, has the effect of relieving sweating and detoxification. It can also stop vomiting, warming lungs and cough.Ginger oil manufacturersWhether it is stomach vomiting, stomach heat vomiting, vomiting caused by cold and damp resistance, or lung cold cough can be solved with ginger in combination with other herbs.

Tell everyone a little trick: if you have a cold or cold, you can directly shred the ginger and brown sugar, and take it while hot.

Now, there is a simpler way that allows us to directly apply the ginger's effects to our daily health care.

This is the plant essential oil that we have been focusing on.

I mentioned earlier that many plants will have balsam glands. The volatile aromatic substances extracted from these balsam glands contain the essence of plants, as well as ginger.

It comes from the roots of ginger, condensing all the medicinal value of ginger into a drop of yellow liquid with a fragrant scent that can make people happy.

At the same time, ginger protease in ginger essential oil can play an anti-inflammatory and analgesic role. In addition to the warm nature of ginger, this analgesic effect has a dual effect on women's dysmenorrhea caused by cold.

Ginger essential oil has the effects of lowering cholesterol and anticoagulation, and can help treat heart disease. It also improves lipid metabolism and helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

In the process of using ginger essential oil, I have a deep experience.

In order to alleviate the coldness of hands and feet, before I know the essential oil, I will cut a few slices of ginger every day to soak my feet.

With ginger essential oil, I only need to add 1 to 2 drops in the foot bath to enjoy the ginger foot bath.

My heart has always been bad. Ever since I learned that ginger essential oil can improve blood circulation and heart health, I would apply 1-2 drops of ginger essential oil to my heart twice a day.

Used as an aromatherapy to boost mood and courage, you can add 2 to 3 drops of ginger essential oil to the aromatherapy machine, or sniff directly.

When drinking tea, add 1 drop of ginger essential oil to the green tea to taste slowly, it will also have different physical and emotional feelings.

When cooking, you can add ginger essential oil to any dishes that require ginger. It can't be simpler.

Our traditional Chinese culture, "The Book of Changes," speaks of simple and easy laws. The path is as simple as it gets, and the simpler it is, the closer it is.

So what humanity yearns for is simplicity, but many things are artificially complicated.

In human life, the more natural it is, the easier it is to be accepted by the human body, so people are more and more fond of uncomplicated added items taken from nature.

Essential oils simply care for human health just like caring for plants themselves.