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Rosehip oil is not Xiangfei, better than Xiangfei
2020-05-22 16:53:38

Rosehip oil manufacturers, the skin problems brought about by the pressure of life and increasing age have troubled many people, and the machine rosehip oil can sweep away the skin problems and reproduce the delicate whitening!

The main ingredients of OBI's organic rosehip oil moisturizing skin lotion are rosehip essential oil, rose petal flower water and Irish seaweed extract. Among them, rosehip essential oil is very rich in vitamin C, and its concentration is 130 times higher than the recognized high-dimensional C kiwifruit. The flavonoids contained in it are equivalent to the currently highly regarded sea buckthorn fruit.rose hip oil wholesaleAt the same time, it is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which helps to improve the body's immunity. The water of the rose petals is extracted from the rose petals by multiple distillations, which can increase the content of ceramide in the sebum, so as to play a skin softening and moisturizing effect; Irish seaweed extract It can remove wrinkles and fill the skin: it is rich in vitamin C, which can effectively prevent oxidation and wrinkles, participate in the hydroxylation reaction, synthesize collagen, supplement collagen to the skin, adjust the skin's water-oil balance, and effectively shrink and tighten the skin Pores.

Natural rose fragrance will never be forgotten in this life. Choose organic rosehip oil to keep your skin healthy at all times.