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The magical health benefits of grape seed oil?
2020-05-22 17:07:11

Grape seed oil manufacturers, grape seed oil magical health effects?

Regarding the culture of using oil, there is a saying that Italians prefer olive oil, while French prefer grape seed oil, because the French believe that grape seed oil does not have the special smell of olive oil. When cooking food using grape seed oil, it will be less affected The original taste of the ingredients itself, and the Italians especially love this taste, so in the "taste" ring, which one is better or worse, every oil has its own supporters.

Grape seed oil manufacturers

And what about grape seed oil? We have to mention wine. After the wine is restrained in oak barrels for 1 to 2 weeks, the grape seeds need to be withdrawn from the brewing barrel, otherwise it will affect the final quality of the wine, and Europe is the world ’s largest wine region, so these The returned grape seed has become the main source of raw material for making grape seed oil.

Grape seed contains phytochemicals such as proanthocyanidins, and is highly regarded by many enthusiasts. However, after most vegetable oils are squeezed, degummed, deacidified, decolorized, deodorized (high temperature) by raw materials, it is difficult for such antioxidants to be in The products are stored in large quantities. The deputy dean of the College of Nutrition stated that such phytochemicals are low in oils. If oils are treated as foods, the usual intake cannot achieve its effect, so if you are too paranoid, you should explore this kind of The presence or absence of ingredients is of little significance, unless it is concentrated for medicinal purposes and has the value of follow-up research. This is the public's understanding of oil products.

That is to say, the deodorization process not only takes away the role of antioxidants, but also takes away Hexane, which helps extract oil from raw materials. Many people worry about its toxicity, but the boiling point of n-hexane is 69 degrees C, refining The process has already turned the gas out of the oil, there will be no residual problems, and it will not accumulate in animals and plants. According to regulations, n-hexane can be used in the extraction of edible oils and fats, and no residue in the final product. If n-hexane is really left in the oil, just like the anthocyanin mentioned just now, according to the oil intake requirements, the benefits are not very good. Possibly, it is not easy to accumulate harmful doses in the same way!

What ’s more important is to understand the problem of the “fatty acid composition ratio”. Grape seed oil and safflower seed oil are almost the most abundant oil products in the market with the most abundant “linolenic acid” in vegetable oils. It is one of the essential fatty acids that are synthesized and can only be obtained from food: "ω-6 fatty acids", so it is still necessary to consume these fatty acids. Although that said, in fact, most other vegetable oils are also rich in This type of fatty acid need not be specifically pursued. Lin Shihang, founder and dietitian of Good Food, also emphasized that "omega-6 fatty acids" have tended to consume too much in recent years.

Linseed oil rich in omega-3 fatty acids, together with olive oil, tea seed oil, canola oil, etc. rich in unit unsaturated fatty acids, buy a small can and go home, use it in a balanced way The amount is only about 30% of the total calories per day, and the weight is about 3 to 7 teaspoons. The total intake is not excessive or too small, in fact, it is the focus.