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    Skin care therapeutic Cypress essential oil

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The main efficacy

It can restrain and relieve skin, regulate oil secretion and tighten pores. It is the best choice for moisturizing.

It is effective for menstrual problems, such as PMS, side effects of menopause.

It is very effective for varicose veins.

It is helpful for all the excessive phenomena, especially convergence, hemostasis, hyperperspiration, rheumatism, edema and so on.Regulate oily and aging skin, promote scar formation, thin body, and maintain excellent humidity.Eliminate fatigue, relieve anger, relieve inner tension and pressure, purify the mind.

It can restrain and relieve skin, regulate oil secretion and tighten pores. It is the best choice for moisturizing.It is effective for menstrual problems such as premenstrual syndrome and reactions to menopause such as flushing and irritability.

The skin effect

Maintain body fluid balance and control water loss, which is very helpful for mature skin, and can regulate sweating and oily skin.

It promotes the function of scar and is conducive to wound healing.

The physiological effect of Vasoconstriction and improvement of incontinence:

Excellent convergence effect, reduce edema, reduce bleeding, hyperhidrosis symptoms, improve cellulitis;

The function of constricting veins, used to improve hemorrhoids and varicose veins.

Circulatory system and regulating hormone functions:

Cypress is also a good medicine for circulatory system, which can regulate liver function and help blood circulation.

The cypress is extremely beneficial to the reproductive system, especially for endocrine problems in women. It can reduce PMS and the side effects of menopause, such as facial flushing, hormonal imbalance, irritability and other symptoms.

Still can adjust ovarian function to be out of order, have very good effect to menorrhagia or menorrhea.

Soothing and anticonvulsive:

Cypress has anti-spasticity and soothing effects. It can improve cough, bronchitis, pertussis and asthma brought by influenza. It can also relieve muscle soreness or rheumatoid arthritis.

With essential oils

1. Cypress mixed with citrus essential oil is an excellent nourishing agent

2. Cypress mixed with rose can be used to nourish the face

3, frankincense can lead to cypress incense like smell


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